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Create your own Pizza-the perfect party planning meal

Gambar sisip 1Skip the caterer and consider the pizza as a main course for the next party. Instead of slaving away in the kitchen to prepare a meal for your guests, let them take responsibility for themselves. You provide the ingredients and maybe some suggestions and let everyone else do the rest. Make a list of ingredients to take to the store and consider leaving your guests bring some of their own.

Setting the table

While a pizza buffet can take the prep time a bit, it will be well worth it as you mingle with your guests and enjoy your time out of the kitchen. Take a list of ingredients in the store and don't forget the pasta, sauce and cheese. From there, any other toppings you can imagine can be added to the cart.

Before guests arrive, set the table. At one end, begins with the dough. To save time, you can make a smaller cake to save the time it takes to cook. From there, the sauce should be next. Be sure to leave out of a ladle to make it easier to spread over the crust. Cheese should be next, but from there, lay out all other possibilities. Guests can move in by adding different things for the pizzas.

Timing is everything

It may be difficult if everyone is doing their meal at the same time. Consider encouraging your guests to start as soon as you walk through the door. Most people of time over the course of several minutes or even hours. In order to keep things flowing smoothly, you can immediately start working on their meal. This makes it easy to keep the oven without backing up the line of hungry guests.

Make it fun

Most guests will enjoy the experience to make their own customized pizzas. While moving along the table, can chat with other guests on their toppings. Keeps things fun and everybody is interacting in a unique way. If you encourage your guests to bring their own condiments, you may find that everyone works to make tastier or more unusual entrée imaginable.

The next time you plan to bring friends or family, skip all the hard work of preparing a full meal. Take the dough, sauce, cheese and toppings. Let them all out for guests to handle on their own and sit back as you look at all like making your own pizza. If things go well, you might consider this method of planning meals for your family. Usually there's no way to make everyone happy when it comes to preparing a meal. This buffet is an exception to the rule.


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